The sequel has only began. What lurks in the dark.

“Go in Peace”.


Members of the meeting arose from their seats; courteously exchanging pleasantries and, brightly smiling at the ones they truly scorn but flawlessly hide, in the house of God of course, as they dispersed from the church hall. Mrs. Richardson, popularly called Aunty Katrina, stood with some women, whispering about members who they claimed said would rather sit at home purposeless, than to be present at weekly women’s fellowship. They were honored to be visited by the head Pastor for that particular fellowship meeting. Mrs. Richardson had her eyes fixated on Pastor Gideon the whole time, seemingly uninterested with that night’s latest special gossip.

“Aunty Katrina, did you hear me?”, one of the women who preceded that night’s rumor, screeched, leering at her and tapped her hand.

“Huh, eh what, sorry oh?”

 “Tsssw, hmm I was sayin-”

“Erm, you know, as we have Pastor with us tonight, it will be the best opportunity to discuss the new project with him”

She left the group while the other members lingering around Pastor Gideon had finally parted away, until he was alone standing beside the pulpit.

“Today’s lesson was truly a blessing”, she softly said.

Pastor Gideon smirked. He looked to see if everyone was definitely gone. He took his phone and called Joe, the security man of their small church premises. Joe came running, bowed and greeted both of them as they stood waiting outside the church hall. He took out his car keys and handed it over. He instructed him to pick up some boxes of water from his car, parked some meters away from the church gate. Joe took the keys and hurriedly walked towards the gate.

Pastor Gideon looked around multiple times over his shoulders, held her hands firm, hauling her to the isolated dark area at back of the church. He tugged her body on his, pressing his lips strongly on hers. She kissed him back more intense, pushed him to the wall, sharply dropping her oversize handbag on the pavement floor. He pulled her body deeper onto his, using his tongue to play with her neck. She slightly moaned.

“Sshh”, he sweetly prompted, trickling his fingers down her front.

Junior dropped his father’s aluminum bowl, echoing the sound over the whole premises. Mrs. Richardson quickly patted and rightly shifted her wig while she picked up her bag. She lurked away from the corner they stood and walked ahead into the area under the lights at the side of the church. Joe just entered from the gates without any boxes.

“Herh Junior!”, he yelled his son’s name as he approached Mrs. Richardson. 6-year old Junior came running from adjacent the back of the church with the empty bowl. He tightly pulled his ears, directing him to greet Aunty Katrina.

“Joe, why is there no water in the washroom today?”, Pastor Gideon sternly besought Joe, walking towards them from the back.

“Er Pastor-”

“And where are the boxes?”

“Er Pastor, no box, no see oh, I look-look saa”

“Ooh, Tsw, I must have forgotten to load them on the car. Okay don’t worry-”

Mrs. Richardson immediately said her goodbyes and hastily walked to her Jeep parked outside.  She drove away and made it to the curb of the street in front of her big story-building house in 18 minutes.

She pulled the breaks with the engine still on, leaning back to her seat and, passionately reminiscing 23 minutes ago, lost to the existence around her. She had not typically blown her car horn yet, but the gates were being opened to her, regardless. She was instantly startled and steered the wheel.

Nana Aba fully opened the gates wide and, heavily shouted,

“Yes daddy, it’s Maa!”.

To be continued…

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