Bloodwave, the new wave in saving lives in Ghana.

The awakening of Africans seems to be doing us more good in these times as a Ghanaian based software development company, PAYPERLEZ has launched the very first Blood donor App to ever kickstart here in Ghana.

Bloodwave as the name of the mobile app suggests is Ghana’s first-ever blood donor app. Bloodwave seeks with your help to bridge the gap between people in need of blood donation and a donor. Bloodwave is completely free to download and use.

Based on the idea of how people tend to lose their lives due to the lack of right donors to help in a blood transfusion and even if there is one available, the delay to locate such people could also be a problem.


This is a very great initiative and very much needed in our nation. I remember the stress and frustrations I went through just to get a blood donor for my sick father.

“…at the hospital we were told that her blood is very low so we should go and look for a blood donor…at that time her husband was not around and we are too old to donate…We begged them (nurses) to assist us safe [sic] her life by getting blood…latter on during the day one bottle of blood was provided and mounted on as a loan.”Mother-in-law of 29-year-old woman with antepartum hemorrhage


Looking at this major problem relating to the health center in terms of blood donation, the outstanding developers took it as a burden to solve this problem and indeed have come out with a better solution. BLOODWAVE, saving lives the quickest way you can.


  • Register / Login
  • Users see all the blood requets made by other users on the platform and can call to donate.
  • Users can also request to find a donor when the need arises.

More App UI

Download the mobile app from the website link below and don’t hesitate to share this great news, tell a friend to tell a friend.

NOTE: Allow your phone to install unknown apps in your settings

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