American Cartoonist Who created Tom And Jerry dies a sad death (Watch tribute)

American Cartoonist Gene Deitch who created Tom and Jerry died at the age of 95. It is amazing for one man to sit on his computer and create something that becomes a kid’s favorite.

Deitch met his first wife, Marie, when they both worked at North American Aviation, and they married in 1943. Their three sons, Kim, Simon, and Seth Deitch are artists and writers for underground comix and alternative comics.

Several days after arriving in Prague in October 1959, Deitch met Zdenka Najmanová, the production manager at the studio Bratři v triku where he worked. They married in 1964. Deitch’s memoir, For the Love of Prague, is based on his experience of being what he called “the only free American living and working in Prague during 30 years of the Communist Party dictatorship”.According to Deitch, although he was followed by the StB and his phone was tapped, he was never aware of their presence and was never interrogated nor arrested.

Deitch died in Prague on April 16, 2020, at the age of 95. Shortly before his death, Deitch had noted intestinal problems.

If you know u watched Tom and Jerry as a Child and it made you laugh come here and pay your last respect to the legend. REST IN PEACE GENIUS.

Watch his last tribute below

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