By Ajibabi Adewale Adebola

The reason why the Chinese are mad at Africans and now blaming them for COVID-19 is that something is happening that they did not foresee.

China expected the world to be economically dependent on them after this pandemic, but it’s becoming evident that countries that had been brainwashed docile and dependent especially in Africa are having a new awakening.

They are rediscovering, inventing and innovating ways and means to produce what they need. A skill that had long been forgotten, and had put them at the mercy of China and the west.

A system that had made them part of a global village where they were consumers and not producers. (Africans had even stopped producing toothpicks)Now that they cant import. A long lost skill is germinating once again, we have created our own COVID-19 test kits that work, we cannot buy ventilators, we are innovating and building our own ventilators, we are producing face masks enough for everyone in Africa and cheaply at that, we cannot import ICU beds, our people are now doing it from scratch.

We are making solar-powered water and soap dispensers with what we have and they are working. WE ARE RESPONDING TO COVID-19 IN A WAY CHINA AND THE WEST NEVER EXPECTED. We are waking up in a way they didn’t envision and they are scared.

Africa has turned to itself for solutions and it’s working.COVID 19 will make African countries independent and not dependent. As china reopens its factories they know that their expectations will not be met post-COVID 19. Something has backfired big time.

Africans in China hang in there, hold your heads high despite the humiliation being meted on you. It’s a mind game to restore us to their factory settings. WE ARE BREAKING THE SHACKLES AND WE SHALL BE FINALLY FREE…

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