Ghana Launches GH COVID-19 TRACKER App

The government through the Ministry of Communications has launched a mobile app “GH COVID-19 Tracker” to help to fight against the deadly COVID-19.

The app was officially launched by Vice President Dr Bawuimia who said

It will help us easily track people with the virus, those who have had contact with others. It is also useful in quarantine reliability if certain individuals need self-quarantine. Ghana is one of the few countries to deploy such a tracker to haunt the virus. I officially launched the GH COVID-19 Tracker app and urge all Ghanaians to use it well

From GH COVID-19 main website, you can download the app for free. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD. Here is what to expect from the terms and conditions

Installation & Use

In compliance with the provisions of the laws governing terms and conditions and privacy policy, only persons 18 years and over are allowed to access the services of this App. If in any case, a User under 18 years wishes to use our App, we will require authorization from parents or guardians. During the installation and use of the “GH COVID-19 Tracker” App, it is assumed that you fulfill this requirement and otherwise accept the consequences if they arise. We advise that you do not use this App if you are unable to comply with the Terms and Conditions. You can have access to the application once it is installed on your mobile device.

How it Works

“GH COVID-19 Tracker” App works through the devices on which the application has been installed.

The App uses the details provided by the User including access to Bluetooth and GPS Location Services of device.

This App will need you to turn on and allow the App access to the Bluetooth and GPS location services on your device. This App shall not function properly and accurately if Bluetooth and GPS services are turned off or if the App’s access to Bluetooth and GPS services is revoked on the device on which this App is installed.

When you start using GH COVID-19 Tracker App as a User, the App will collect certain health-related information about you, and other general information such as your name, phone number, gender, age, sex, risk factors, the region in which you live, or information about your existing health conditions, which may be helpful for the GoG to correctly provide you with any required help and advice.

Whilst using this App as a User, you will allow the “GH COVID-19 Tracker” App to use your data but note that this data will only be used for the intended purpose. GoG may use the mobile number provided by you to contact you in case of possible infection. Any personal information provided by you may also be shared with other necessary and relevant persons (if required) in order to carry out necessary administrative and medical interventions.

We may use your information to enhance and improve your experience of our Service.

All users through the App may submit, access, modify, correct or cancel their information as and when they wish.

You agree that the information provided by you will not be false or misleading. You agree that you will not do anything which can limit or impair the functionality or performance of the App. You agree that you will not tamper with or use the App for any purpose for which it was not intended, such as trying to access the database of the Service.

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