People gather in shock as a young girl who is believed to have died 2 years ago returns back to her parent’s home on the 11/04/20.
A young girl who has been identified as Winnie is said to have died after she was struck by an illness. Her dead body was taken to the mortuary and later to the church for the last sermon before her burial.

This supernatural and sudden resurrection is known to have happened on the 11/04/20 in the quiet Masala town in Ndola, Zambia.
The girl was said to have been buried at Mitingo cemetery only for her to walk back home to the shock of her parents and neighbors.

Winnie, after settling down amongst the people, told them that it wasn’t her that they had buried but rather a banana tree. Almost everyone in the town had gathered at the Central Police Station where the family of the young girl waited for DNA to be authorized and conducted by the girl.

Both death and birth certificates were also given to the Police to help find the truth.
source: https://reportghana.com/

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